Elizabeth Olsen's Menswear Is Olsen Twinning

At an Avengers screening this week, Elizabeth Olsen nailed the menswear trend, all the while channeling both of her fashionable siblings with a single outfit comprised of only a few parts. That, my friends, is not easy to do. Twinning with The Olsen Twins! Isn't that something? Well, that's exactly what the actress, Mary-Kate and Ashley's little sister and the "Elizabeth" in their Elizabeth and James contemporary line, did with this ensemble.

Olsen's look was minimal, but each element was powerful, and therefore she did not require a bunch of extras. The matte, berry lip stain is something we've seen M-K and Ash, who show off their signatures while covering WWD , do very rarely; they tend to stick to the nude, glossed lip look so when they go deeper and darker, it's memorable.

But the slicked back hair was very Ashley, who tends to favor a more classic look.

The oversized, dark, and striped coat was very Mary-Kate, who is known for wearing lots of loose clothes for the boho look that was often referred to as "bag lady." Elizabeth's coat is super shapely and makes the loudest statement.

The "oomph" and femininity came right from those lips and the fact that she showed just a hint of skin via her ankles. She remained largely covered up, but not hidden, and that's a huge difference.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Menswear can be so tricky, but not when E. Olsen is doing it.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She totally has her sisters' eyes, cheekbones, and contouring. While she resembles Mary-Kate and Ashley with one look, here are a few other times we saw her famous sisters' influence in the younger Olsen's style choices.

1. Caped Like Ashley


As stated, Ashley is the more refined of the twins when it comes to her style and this caped mini looks like Elizabeth borrowed it from Ashley's closet — after asking nicely, of course.

2. Layered Like Mary-Kate

Julien M. Hekimian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

M-K often buried herself in clothes when out and about in NYC and this bulky jacket, which was accessorized, fell in line with the M-K approach. Plus, The Olsen Twins pretty much popularized leather leggings. This rock look is M-K-approved.

3. Either/Or

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Ok, this black dress with lots of sexy slits and cutouts could be worn by either sister, and Elizabeth looks like their twin. The Olsen Triplets, anyone? Could we even, like, handle that?

4. Long And Loose, In The M-K Way


Volume is a Mary-Kate signature, so this flowing black dress, with the killer slit, had Mary-Kate's name all over it. Did she style her little sister for this event?!

5. Fitted Leather, Like Ashley

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This olive-hued and fitted leather dress with long sleeves definitely reminds me of Ashley's preference for a more tailored silhouette.

Not only did Elizabeth Olsen inherit her big sisters' looks — the features are uncanny — but she also got her fair share of their style and fashion DNA, too. She dresses like both them all of the time!

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