Olsen Twins 'WWD' Cover Is Classic Like The Row

The Fuller House reunion and their participation, or lack thereof, aren't the sole reasons Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are a hot topic as of late. The Olsen Twins cover WWD's new issue, as part of the newly weekly publication's "WWD Six" feature. Yes, I want to see the sisters reprise their role and I even fan fiction-ed Michelle Tanner's adult wardrobe based on the actresses her played her, but we can't forget that their design career is what they're known for as of late.

Six designers and brands are called out in the issue as the future of fashion, and The Row is certainly deserving of such a nod. M-K and A look starkly and simply beautiful on the cover, their expressive, large eyes as doll-like as it gets.

While I am already sweating with anticipation over next month's Elizabeth and James sample sale in NYC, since Elizabeth and James is the twins' trendy, contempo line, The Row is their upscale, majorly pricy range, favored by celebs — and by me, if I had endless disposable income.

The pieces are classy, tailored, and exceptionally crafted.

Looking at the simple yet high-impact WWD cover, I was impressed by how classic the twins, who are known for creating trends as quickly as they discard them, looked. The image reminded me of pieces from The Row, actually. How's that for life imitating art?

Here are five pieces from The Row that mimic M-K and Ashley and their WWD image.

1. Sleek Lambskin Leather

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cameron Diaz wore this sleek and chic, black lambskin leather dress with three-quarter length sleeves and it was the most simplistically sexy thing... ever. Just like the twins' smoldering black and white cover stares and pouts.

2. Menswear, Don't Care

This roomy black suit boasts pretty impeccable lines. It's not fussy at all, like Ashley's center parted 'do. But the flared bottoms are loose and free, like M-K's waves.

3. Tailored

This neutral, beige coat is crisp and tailored, but it's the stark chicness that is also channeled in the cover image.

4. Fashion Superheroines

Since M-K and Ash are superheroines of fashion, The Row has to have a cape! Anything less would be uncivilized. But the flow of this outerwear also mirrors those aforementioned waves.

5. Clean Lines

The contouring of the Olsen twins' cheekbones, likely due to lighting and some Kim Kardashian-approved products, is reflected in the clean lines of this frock.

The Row is incredibly indicative of the ladies behind it.

Images: WWD (1); Getty (1); The Row (4)