This Dancer Calling His Mom Because He Just Booked Taylor Swift's '1989' Tour Will Fill You With Feels — VIDEO

Taylor Swift's highly anticipated 1989 tour is just around the corner, so obviously the prep is coming down to the wire. Good news, fellow Swifties: It looks like this tour is going to be every bit as big of a ~dance party~ as the last few. And to kick it all off, we have a video of this dancer calling his mom to tell her he booked Taylor Swift's world tour to fill us with all the fangirl feels a few months early. Congratulations to Robert Green, who is the happiest human on earth right now.

Wait, scratch that. His mom is somehow even more excited than he is, and it is the cutest thing you will ever hear. She starts screaming on the phone before Robert even tells her who he's touring with, and when he name drops Taylor Swift, her chill is so far gone that she'll probably never find it again. Then she's crying, and he's crying, and we're ALL crying, and this is officially the most emotional I've gotten on a Tuesday morning, y'all.

What makes me the happiest about this, though, is that when Robert gets his good news, his mother is the first one that he calls. I've SO been there. When I get good news I pretty much don't have time to exhale before I'm dialing mine. So quick PSA that Mother's Day is May 10, so it's time to go all Hunger Games on everyone in the greeting card section of your local Rite Aid. Moms deserve it.

Here's the tweet where Taylor shared Robert's emotional call with his mom:

This wasn't our first hint that there was some mad talent on the horizon. Taylor Swift posted this picture to her Instagram, and even less impressive sleuths like myself figured out pretty quickly that they were her new tour dancers:

I'm so glad Robert is among them, because he and his mom are PRECIOUS and he deserves every awesome moment up ahead. Robert lives in Los Angeles, where he works as a choreographer and teaches dance to spread his awesome around. Here is a recent class he taught getting down to Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money":

Robert Green on YouTube

Obviously we have a lot to get excited about for this upcoming tour. As Robert's mom said, "This is just the beginning."

Images: YouTube