Dog Is Determined To Drag Pool Indoors For Reasons

Pet ownership is rewarding in many ways, the most obvious one being comfort. It's pretty rad to have a furry little baby curl up and pass out on your lap—it almost mandates immediately feeling zen. Pets are relaxing. However, another less glaring lesson is one of determination. I know for a fact I want nothing in this world with as much desperation as my cat wants in my room in the morning. But it's inspiring! Just like this English bulldog who wants to bring a kiddie pool indoors.

Gus, this ambitious squish-face, takes a quick dip in his outdoors pool before deciding to go all feng shui on its proverbial ass. Much to the chagrin of his owners (who, admittedly, do nothing to stop this impending mess), he takes an edge of the blue plastic and gets to dragging. Clearly Gus has expensive tastes, ones that reflect the luxury he envisions for his life—because who else has indoor pools,besides the YMCA? Fancy folks, clearly. Honestly, if I were dog mother of Gus, I don't know how far I'd let the dragging go. Lucky for everyone else, though, Gus's real dog mother is a lot more patient and lets him follow his dream to fruition. I should probably work on my pet mother support system.

Here's the full account of their soggy tale:

At first, Gus is all "what do we have here?" with his brother and sister

He is a convincing Hardy Boys incarnate in dog form.

He gives it an old college try—with all four limbs

Still, he's unsure.

Then he basically says "DGAF"

Not that he's done there. No way. Here's Gus in action:

And what happens to the pool after the change of scenery? Well:

Dogs are intense with their decorating, y'all. My cat never puts his grand visions in actual motion. It's official: I seriously do need to step up my cat parenting. My apartment could use some sprucing.

Images: YouTube (4)