You Can Now Have Puppies Delivered To Your Office

by Anjali Patel

Oh. My. God. If you live in Southeastern Florida, you might be one of the luckiest people alive. The Humane Society of Broward County has a Snuggle Delivery service that delivers puppies and kitties to your office for up to an hour at a time. That's right—adorable and adoptable pets, right in your work space. There a mutual benefit to this, of course: By interacting with other people, the pets get socialized, which increases their chances of being placed in a "fur-ever" home. (I mean, you can hate me for saying that, but I won't un-say it.) The benefits for humans? Well, besides the obvious upsides to cuddling with something cute and fluffy, there are proven psychological benefits to being around pets.

Interacting with pets "can have a direct influence on your health, from lowering your blood pressure and increasing levels of serotonin to helping you get more exercise," says Dr. Patricia McConnell, an animal behaviorist. According to this NBC article, petting animals can lower stress levels while raising the amount of "feel-good" hormones in our body, such as oxytocin. This situation is definitely a win-win, especially for people whose schedules might be too busy for them to have a pet of their own.

Well, since we can't have puppies come to us, here are 10 other things we wish would come to our office to help decrease stress:

1. An Iguana

INTI OCON/AFP/Getty Images

They look like mini dinosaurs, you guys. We want to take dinosaurs for walks on our lunch break. No further explanation needed.

2. A Potted Cactus

Clemens Bilan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It would serve as an excellent reminder that if this cactus can survive an arid, desolate desert, we can survive the work day.

3. Someone Jogging on a Treadmill

GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images

Because at least we're not them.

4. Stuffed Teddy Bear

Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images News/Getty Images

All of the fluff with none of the mess, plus I doubt we'll have the opportunity to cuddle with a real bear.

5. A Magician

ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images

Because why not?

6. Beyoncé


To remind us who runs the world, duh.

7. An assortment of Easter-themed animals


Chicks, bunnies...all of those other tiny cute things. Bring 'em on.

8. A harp that auto-plays Debussy

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Seriously, though, this is the ultimate recipe for stress-relief.

9. Morgan Freeman's Voice


Morgan Freeman himself can come too, if he wants.

10. A Field of Lavender


It's the most relaxing scent! Don't worry, it will be possible soon enough.

Images: Sergey Norin/Flirck; Getty Images(10)