Woman Lights A Car On Fire Over A Cigarette

by Kat George

Here's your gross overreaction of the week: a woman set a man's car on fire after he refused to give her a cigarette. In the security footage at the service station, you can see the woman walking up to the man, who is filling up his car with petrol from the tank. Indiscernible words are said, although apparently she's asking for a cigarette and he is saying no. Then she walks away, seemingly without incident. NOT SO FAST! Double taking, she does the mature, rational thing and doubles back to throw an open flame at the gasoline pump in the man's hand, causing the the car and surrounding area to erupt in flame.

I have so many questions for this woman. Mostly, why? Also, isn't the cost of buying your own cigarettes, say, less than the cost of doing a crime that's going to land you in jail and most likely have you compensating someone in the form of a car? I mean, cigarettes just seem way cheaper than cars. The woman looks reasonably sane (granted, all I can see is the back of her head), but she doesn't come up ranting or raving or acting like she's drunk or under the influence of any other drug. She saunters up casually and seems to act pretty chill, as does the guy the whole time, which leads me to believe she was acting rationally enough for him to believe she was safe and normal. It goes to show you: you can't judge a book by its cover. Maybe she was just unfortunately inspired by Zoolander. (I hear movies make people do the wildest things.)

Watch the whole weird affair below:

Here are some reasons why I think she might have lit the car on fire:

1. She doesn't understand fire, and therefore didn't know what would happen when she put it near the gas

2. She's secretly a fire X-Men and hasn't figured out how to control her power yet

3. The man said something deeply misogynistic and she had no choice

4. She's someone who genuinely needs help and while the Internet is laughing at this, she's suffering and we should all stop being such ass-nuggets for a change and have some empathy

Images: Getty Images; Giphy (5)