13 Micro Handbags For Those Who Don't Feel Like Carrying 20-Pound Totes Anymore

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Now is the time to invest in summer's most adorable and affordable new thing: the mini handbag trend. There is something so freeing about a tiny purse. Carrying a bag that only holds the necessities makes me feel organized, clean, and minimalistic. Plus, every time I reach into my bag looking for something like my phone or chapstick, I find them without any hassle.

Besides the simplicity of a small bag, they are super stylish. Kate Bosworth and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are just two of the notable celebs who donned the style at Coachella. Their tiny little purses were the cherry on top of their already on-point festival outfits.

Don't worry backpack carriers, this trend applies to you, too! Mini bags come in all shapes and sizes from totes, to satchels, and even to clutches. So click through to see some of the cutest itsy bitsy bags of the season.

Image: coach/Instagram

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