Mini Alexander Wang Handbags Are Now Available

Listen up, everyone. Before anyone else tells you, let me say that 2015 will definitely be the year of the minis. After much anticipation, Alexander Wang has finally released his line of mini bags available on the brand's website. After posting multiple pics, including a pink mini bag in a bassinet on Instagram a couple of days ago, Wang had all of us guessing what the mysterious photos were hinting at. Obviously there would be mini handbags, but with all the birth-related posts, we even thought it would be a possible kidswear line (which I'm still hoping will happen, eventually). But today, Wang released more photos, making it clear that his popular handbags have been miniaturized and "rebirthed". Oh, now I get it. A clever one indeed, Wang. Very well played.

So now that we've got the designer's plans all figured out, we also know for sure that these adorable, yet fierce handbags are available to buy. So yes, this means we can finally purchase our very own little bundles of joy. Honestly, I can't wait to get my hands on one.

But before you get too hasty, you should probably make sure to check your bank account. Just because the chic, petite bags are smaller in size than the normal line of handbags, the prices are pretty much the same, ranging from $600-$1000. But in all honesty, they're Alexander Wang, and they look pretty fabulous. We're sure people will have no problem handing over that sort of money for the compact version of his super popular handbags.