What Is The Meaning Of Foxtail On ‘Scandal’?

To live in the world of Scandal would mean you'd need to keep track of nicknames left and right. For that, I would not survive. Recently, Scandal introduced "Foxtail," which is a code name for something, but what that something is will probably remain a mystery until the season finale, if we're lucky enough to learn its meaning then. There has been a lot of buzz about what Foxtail is and how it relates to Olivia, Rowan, Russell, maybe Jake, maybe Fitz. No matter what, things are sure to shake up when we learn the meaning of Foxtail on Scandal .

The last we heard of Foxtail was when Olivia complete took control over Russell (in bed) after overhearing him and her father talking about Foxtail (could Russell have picked a worse place than Olivia's apartment to talk business with Papa Pope?). Olivia demanded to know what Foxtail was, and something tells me that the gun against Russell's head isn't enough to get this guy to talk — he works for (or at least with) Rowan Pope, and that guy is pure intimidation.

So what does Foxtail mean? Let's theorize while we wait for Scandal's very own O.P. to learn the true meaning of the term.

Foxtail Is Rowan's Code Name For Olivia

I can see it now. The scene, Olivia and Rowan in some dark, remote room, somewhere in D.C. Rowan Pope says, "You, Olivia, you are Foxtail. You are the reason for all this. You. Are. Foxtail." (Say this in your most dramatic Papa Pope voice.)

Foxtail Is About Fitz

No secret that Papa Pope and Prez don't get along that well. I wouldn't be surprised if Foxtail was some master plan to eliminate Fitz, the one human flaw for Olivia (in Rowan's mind), from the grand scheme of things. Rowan: You better not screw up Olitz for me.

Foxtail Is Mama Pope

This storyline is kind of old, so for the sake of something new, I'm hoping Foxtail has nothing to do with Maya. Plus, what's her deal nowadays? Is she locked away? I can't keep track.

Foxtail Is Code For Taken Down Rosen & B613

Rosen is getting super close to exposing Papa Pope, and with Huck's testimony, Rowan might be scrambling to save himself. What does that mean? Take down the source that is threatening it all. Unfortunately, there are a lot of my favorite characters involved in the B6 13 "scandal," so let's hope no one on Team Gladiator goes down if this is what Foxtail means.

Foxtail Is Something Really Cute

Lizzie Bear has some ideas as to what Foxtail is, and they're all cute! Maybe, just maybe, Rowan is sponsoring some endangered animal at a local zoo, and this is what he's named it. Ahh, wouldn't it be an easier life if this was even a remote possibility.

Image: Ron Tom/ABC; Giphy (5)