Nobody Is Safe From Papa Pope On 'Scandal'

The fight against B613 is getting heated on Scandal and nobody is safe. We're all still reeling from last week's big death. Who will die on Scandal next, as the season finale looms closer? A lot happened in last Thursday's episode. Olivia finally learned that Fitzgerald Grant was responsible for her mother's death and Fitzgerald Grant's White House is drafting a bill about police brutality, marking one of the first times that a Pope & Associates case has has lasting consequences in such a subtle way. However, the biggest shock came at the end of the episode when Jake Ballard was repeatedly stabbed by Olivia's newest beau, who we then learned was working for her father. It was quite the clash of boyfriends on Scandal. Is Olivia ever going to meet someone who wasn't hand-picked to seduce her? Fingers crossed that she and hot activist/mayoral candidate Marcus Walker become a thing. That is, if both of them survive the war against B613.

True, Jake may still be alive on Scandal. We haven't seen a body yet. However, Rowan's wrath is not to be underestimated and Olivia is refusing to back down from her . According to the official ABC press release for Thursday's episode, "the team taking down B613 is in serious danger and forced to take drastic measures to ensure their safety." In the promo, Olivia warned that her father was not against killing them all to make a point or "teach her a lesson." Who do we think will be eliminated in the crossfire? Let's look at everyone's chances.

David Rosen

Odds: Fifty percent

How many times has the current Attorney General escaped ill fate on this show? He's living on borrowed time more than anybody else. He was a witness to James Novak's murder, even Jake was back on his side. He may have gotten mixed up with the wrong people and be a relatively good guy as far as Scandal goes, but his "white hat" pursuit of justice is sure to end badly eventually.


Odds: Thirty percent

I would be saddest if Huck died, but that's what makes it so likely.

Franklin Russell

Odds: Fifty percent

Olivia's new boyfriend killed Jake. Whether or not Jake made it, Franklin's gone.


Odds: Twenty percent

She's probably fine. But she's doing so well right now that it almost seems like her story is coming to a close. On twisty shows like Scandal, you never want to get complacent. Plus, while this isn't my favorite plot device in the book, killing Abby would be a great way to punish David Rosen, her ex-boyfriend, for starting this investigation in the first place.

Quinn Perkins

Odds: Ten percent

We've seen Quinn do some pretty ruthless things, and yet I still don't think we've seen all that this woman is capable of when it comes to surviving. She won't go down easily.

Rowan Pope

Odds: Five percent

Wouldn't I love it? Alas, we're stuck Olivia's monologuing father for a long, long time.

Olivia Pope

Odds: One percent

Come on! Even Disney villain Dads have a limit.

Everybody Else

Odds: Totally Unlikely

Even those not involved with Pope & Associates or the B613 takedown aren't safe from Papa Pope's method of justice, but I'm not too worried about them this time around. President Fitzgerald is probably fine unless Rowan is feeling particularly upset, but what about the Vice President Ross? Wouldn't that be funny? Am I a bad person? She's a sweet lady, but people in high political offices on Scandal are a little bit like Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers — they're always disappearing.

Honestly, the only person from this bunch who could be in the wrong place at the wrong time is Leo Bergen, Abby's boyfriend. He has a red shirt quality about him. Now that Abby is happy, he's disposable.

Images: Nicole Wilder, Randy Holmes, Ron Batzdorff/ABC