25 Craziest Kentucky Derby Hats Of All Time, So You Can Keep The Competition In Mind This Weekend

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If you don’t have your Kentucky Derby outfit all squared away for this weekend, you’re behind. In case you need a bit of time to catch up, I’ve gathered an official ranking of the 25 craziest derby hats, just so you know your competition for this weekend. Because, if you’re not wearing the craziest hat at the party, what’s even the point of getting out of bed this Saturday?

While many celebrities flock to Kentucky for this event, sometimes it’s the local, unknown individuals with the wackiest ensembles. And with many resources for DIY, hat tutorials, and past celebrity derby pictures to help you out, there’s really no excuse for phoning it in.

Keep in mind as you scroll through this slideshow that the crazier the hat is, the higher it’s ranked. The Kentucky Derby is an annual excuse to pretend to be a part of the royal family and sport some serious headgear in public, except that these are hats on steroids. Take a look at what you need to live up to for the big race.

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