Reese's 'Hot Pursuit' Bloopers Are Hilarious

Reese Witherspoon is a national treasure. She's proven her acting chops time and time again, most recently with an Oscar-nod for her work in Wild, and she has the good looks of an all-American cheerleader to boot. Known for her work in films like Sweet Home Alabama and Walk the Line, her Southern roots are often showcased in her films (with the help of a well-placed "y'all" and a pair of cowboy boots). But in 2015's Hot Pursuit , co-starring Sofia Vergara, Reese briefly trades in her Southern twang for Spanish sensibilities.

The comedy surrounds Cooper, "an uptight and by-the-book cop" (Witherspoon), who is tasked with protecting the widow (Vergara) of a drug boss in Texas. However, chaos quickly ensues and the women are forced to use their combined wits to get themselves safely out of harm's way.

The film plays with racial and gender stereotypes, as well as the stereotypes the two women have of one another. In a particularly funny scene, Witherspoon's Cooper tries to convince Vergara's character she can speak perfect Spanish. While the scene may play out without a hitch on the big screen, the outtakes from filming are simply hilarious.

What is Reese trying to say? Watch the hilarious bloopers below:

See Hot Pursuit in theaters May 8.

Image: Warner Bros.