Zoe Knows Women Should Support Each Other

Zoe Saldana is an inspiration for women and mothers everywhere. In a Facebook video she shared on Wednesday, Zoe Saldana worked out with her twins and explained why she finds it important for women to support one another. In the somewhat lengthy post, Saldana gives other moms tips when it comes to working out. Not only does she encourage mothers who want to work out and entertain their kids all at once, but says that mothers shouldn't put so much pressure on themselves, especially if they "fall off the wagon and eat like teenagers."

She, too, stuffs her face when she's hungry, but doesn't beat herself up for it. If you overeat and are unhappy about it, you can always "start again tomorrow." She writes, "I'm also reminded that this is for life and not a temporary fix. So why am I going to add more stress to my life by putting a deadline on my healthy lifestyle."

If that isn't enough greatness for you from Saldana, how about this? She declares that she doesn't "have anything to prove to anyone." That's right, the actress is "not obsessed with working out or with being skinny." She continues, "Yes, this is for all the haters that are itching to judge and make this a negative thing." She is hoping to "inspire" others "to make a change" in their lives if they see fit.

Now for the really important part. She smartly says, "As women we are easily compelled to separate ourselves from each other. Please let's not do that anymore. We can learn so much from each other if we stick together."

Bam! There you have it. Wise words by the extremely talented Zoe Saldana. If you've yet to be inspired by this amazing lady, then take after her by saying "I will" rather than "I won't" when it comes to goals in your life. Here are five things from Saldana to mothers and women everywhere that she hopes we will integrate into our lives:

1. "I will improvise and be creative so I can get my work done while looking after my little ones."

2. "If I fall off the wagon today I will start over again tomorrow."

3. "I will not give myself a deadline to living healthy."

4. "I will love and accept myself."

5. "I will love and accept other women."

Thank you, Zoe, for being all-around amazing.