11 Sandals You Can Wear In The City That Won't Make You Feel Remotely Gross

In the summer, your feet have to break free, but unfortunately we don’t all live in California where flip flops are practical footwear. So, instead of sweating in your boots, opt for a pair of stylish sandals you can wear in the city. While many people don’t believe in wearing sandals in the city because, well, it can be gross, there are some days when the humidity is unbearable and you just have to break them out.

Instead of soiling your delicate sandals and suffering from dirty feet, try a pair of neutral colored leather sandals with proper ankle support and toe coverage. While they may not be the pink suede gladiators you’ve been eyeing, they are more comfortable and much more hygienic.

Don’t let practicality cramp your style! This season we have a variety of covered up sandals that are appropriate for trekking around town.

Image: tashsefton/Instagram


This secure sandal has great ankle support and will be perfect for walking around the city.

Ashbury Block Heel, $138, Free People


A bit more open than a city sandal should be, but some outfits call for gladiators!

Topshop “Fig” Sandal, $65, Nordstrom

Pop Of Color

Riding the subway in sandals can be pretty gross, so make sure you have a closed toe like this lovely pair.

JUDGES Two Part Leather Slip On Shoes, $36, ASOS


Most espadrilles are made with cloth, but considering the amount of the dirt in the city, it’s smart to spend some extra money on a leather pair like these.

Biala “Alice” Espadrille, $90, Nordstrom

The Flat

An open flat shoe is smart because you wont sweat and ruin your actual flats.

Steve Madden “Twostp’d” Sandal, $60, Nordstrom


Up your sandal game with these secure and shiney shoes.

ALDO Roncari Rose Gold Leather Flat Sandals, $65, ASOS

Lace Up

This lace up sandal covers the bulk of your foot; however, I can’t guarantee you wont get dirty.

Hinge “Roman” Sandal, $70, Nordstrom


This classic sandal in a maroon hue is both functional and stylish.

FARAZ Two Part Crepe Sole Sandals, $57, ASOS


While your toes and heels are exposed, this comfortable sandal is a great alternative to flats on a hot day.

Cherry Valley Sandal, $78, Free People


Ankle strap heeled sandals are in, but they cover very little of your foot. Opt for a sandal with a practical heel and more coverage like this one.

Steve Madden “Rosana” Sandal, $100, Nordstrom


This delicate and supportive sandal would pair perfectly with a sundress.

Sperry “June” Sandal, $90, Nordstrom