How Wedding Reality TV Affects Your Love Life

As Prince William and Kate Middleton prepare for the arrival of the second royal baby, all eyes are on them. Since the couple first came to be, the world has been obsessed with them and their relationship, and even those who are not British can’t seem to get enough. The couple appears to embody, to many, the true meaning of a fairytale in a world where fairytales are rare, and it’s the people who cling to Will and Kate who, according to a new study, might actually be in happier relationships because of it. Research done at Chapman University has found that people who watch reality wedding TV are far more likely to romanticize love and marriage than those who do not. Two studies were conducted regarding both the 2011 royal wedding and wedding reality TV, like Say Yes to the Dress, and in each one the participants were asked why they watched the programs.

A quarter of those who had watched the royal wedding did so because it was a fairytale playing out before their eyes and, as the author of the study noted, “the idea that marriage is the ultimate expression of love.” Those who watch all that wedding reality TV share in these romantic ideals, as well, most specifically the mentality that love conquers all; a sentiment that is gathered from the obstacles that the couples in the programs are able to surmount and move on from.

In both cases, the viewers have romanticized love thanks to the picture perfect images they’ve been given, and in doing so their relationships are better for it, leading to both longevity and overall relationship satisfaction. It also gives hope to all these viewers, and as we’ve learned from The Shawshank Redemption, hope is a good thing.

Takeaway? It’s time to stop making fun of your roommate for binge-watching Say Yes to the Dress and refreshing her browser for updates on the royal baby’s arrival. While you may think it’s cheesy and something at which to scoff (believe me, I do, too), she needs that. She needs to believe in a love that is rarely seen in the real world. She also needs to believe she legitimately has a chance to marry Prince Harry, so don’t deny her that. It’s our delusions that keep us getting out of bed every morning, and if that delusion involves Prince Harry, then so be it.

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