Grandmother Gets Arrested When Her Grandson Pranks Her, Which Is Horrible And Mean And Completely Funny — VIDEO

We're always told that we can learn a lot from our grandparents, and it's true. We learn invaluable lessons from our grandmothers. But we forget that we all have something to teach our grandmothers too. Whether it's explaining that it's actually "tweeting" not "twittering" or something more elementary, like the fact that computers are a thing that exist, you have more to teach your grandparents than you realize. (Unless they're the type of grandparents who play Call of Duty, in which case they clearly don't need your help.) This guy certainly taught his grandmother a lesson, though the jury's still out on whether it was a good lesson. He pranked his grandmother by arresting her... on her birthday.

What's the worst thing you've ever done to your grandmother? Told her you secretly don't like her chocolate chip cookies? My grandmother used to have battery operated gloves (she lived in Canada) and once I stole them. There's my confession. Regardless of what you or I might've done, you didn't arrest her so you're already doing better than this prankster.

You've got to give him credit for originality. But on the other hand, the woman's getting on in her years, is it really a good idea to be giving her this much of a scare? The prank was pretty unexpected, seeing as it wasn't April Fools' Day, but it was his grandmother's 78th birthday. Who pranks their grandmother under the guise of taking her for a birthday car ride? (Don't worry, she gets him back with a cake in the face.)

I'll let you be the judge of how egregious and/or brilliant his prank is:

RomanAtwood on YouTube

It's a well-executed prank, but I think the grandmother deserves to get him back.

If you were inspired by the gentleman pranking his grandmother, here are a few suggestions for you to play on the parents, grandparents or friends in your life:

Tell your parents they're going to be grandparents.

ElNinoski09 on YouTube

I understand that this isn't a joke for everyone, but I'm all for the fake pregnancy jokes. I had a few girlfriends who were braver than I text their mothers on April Fools' Day to announce pregnancies. It never went over perfectly, but everyone got a good laugh in the end.

Play a nuclear bomb prank on your grandparents, because how could that possibly go wrong?

Sam Lags on YouTube

The grandmother starts at "What the heck?" and then gets progressively more chill, which wasn't the reaction they were hoping for. It's comedic gold, if you're into messing with the head's of the elders you love dearly. And they brought North Korea into the mix, which is always advisable.

I'm not entirely sure what these grandparents are up to, but I think we should all follow their lead.

They pressed capture! Is it working? How 'bout now? They're all over the place. The grandfather is a monkey, he's singing, he's burping. He's everything you'd ever want in an Internet video and while I'm still unsure as to the prank component, this is just worth watching.

Prank your parents with fake weed.

LaaLoo Tv on YouTube

For your fake weed you'll need oregano, grass and leaves crushed up in a little plastic bag. For this prank, you'll need an overly enthusiastic sister.

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