Grandparents Playing "Call of Duty" Is Wonderful No Matter How Much You Care (Or Don't) About The Game — VIDEO

What happens when a bunch of senior citizens sit down to play half an hour of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare? Oh, just the most hilarious six-and-a-half minutes of your life. Brought you be React, this video shows a group of old people mostly trying to just figure out how to not shoot at the walls or at themselves.

“I’m feeling a little nervous and excited. This is my first online combat,” a man named Rock says. I just want to hug Rock.

“Are people online? Also playing? Oh jeez. So then you can have people be all ticked off at you,” Libby exclaims, looking concerned.

Vera, who’s my favorite I think, excitedly says, “That’s me? Boy, I look good,” in reference to her player. Aww you guys, stop being so cute. I just want to adopt all of you.

First of all, props to these ladies and gents for even agreeing to play a video game. I probably wouldn’t even agree to play a video game because I’m just not competitive enough to care about killing digitized enemies. But this group—they take it so seriously. “I’m gonna shoot anything that moves!” *Shoots at wall* “Say hello to my leetle fren’!” Rock is on a roll for awhile (pun totally intended), and it’s glorious.

Catherine, another favorite of mine (okay, they're all my favorites), hardly says a word, she’s concentrating so intensely. I mean, she is out for blood. And it seems like she’s really kicking ass until someone tells her that she’s shooting her own teammates: “Well, I don’t know who they are,” she cries, “How am I supposed to know they’re my teammates?”

Your guess is as good as mine, Catherine.

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Image: React/YouTube