The Kentucky Derby As Told By Emojis, Because There's No More Fitting Way To Explain This Event

We're off the the races yet again. Well, not literally, of course — we're just watching them go down on television. The Kentucky Derby is upon us once again, which means you better perfect your mint julep recipe and don your favorite fancy hat — even if you're just watching the races from the comfort of your own living room or local dive bar on May 2. Even if horse racing isn't your thing, getting caught up in the southern charm of the Kentucky Derby is all too easy — after all, who wouldn't want to place bets on horses like "Ocho Ocho Ocho," "Carpe Diem," and "Far Right"?

Of course, actually watching the races can be fun in its own way. Much like tuning into the Olympics or watching your friends go head to head in Smash Bros., there are plenty of nail-biting moments during the Kentucky Derby, even for those who aren't crazy huge fans of the sport. All it takes is a few minutes of play to get caught up in all of the action, and luckily, we now have emojis to explain all of the feelings you have when you do watch the Derby. Here are the feelings you'll have during some key moments while watching the Kentucky Derby:

When Placing Bets Over Whose Horse Will Win With Friends

Because even though you know nothing about this sport, you're pretty confident that "American Pharoah" will take home the prize.

When Making Drinks Before The Race Starts

All mint everything.

When You're Realllllly Tipsy On Mint Juleps

It's a mint-flavored party!

When You Realize You May Have Placed Your Money On The Wrong Horse

Byeeee, money.

When Your Horse Is Actually Doing Super Well

You're practically a horse whisperer. You should do this professionally.

When The Horse You're Rooting For Drops Behind Again

The struggle is so real.

When The Horse You Want To Win Finally Pulls Through

Somehow this makes YOU a champion. Congratulations!

Images: Kaitlin Reilly/Bustle (7)