Lady Gaga's Makeup-Free Seflie Is Gorgeous

When it comes to pulling off dramatic makeup, there's a small list of people who can actually do it. And while Lady Gaga might be on that list, Lady Gaga's makeup-free selfie proves that she's stunning without it, too. The newly-engaged singer takes me by surprise every time I see her without all of the dramatics. Honestly, it's because I forget what she actually looks like, but this selfie will probably be stuck in my mind for a while, because how gorgeous does she look?

In her Instagram photo, Gaga shows of her thick dark hair and brows, while wearing a simple gray v-neck. She captioned the photo, "A beautiful relaxing day with my family. Time to rest, recharge, and reinspire!," The best part? Gaga's flawless (and tanned) skin is totally on display.

In the age of photoshopping Instagrams, it's really refreshing when celebs take the natural route. And just to be clear: I'm not calling Gaga brave for posting a makeup-free shot. Instead, I'm hoping her actions will lead to more natural selfies — and I don't mean the ones with natural makeup one; I mean, the way you look right after you wash your face. Because at the end of that day, that's what you look like, and you should own it.