Olivia Doesn't Think It's Brave To Go Makeup-Free

by Lauren Turner

In a time when the Kardashian style of contouring is more prevalent than a swipe of lip balm and blush, being a natural-faced beauty is somewhat more of an oddity than it is the norm. And in a recent interview with HuffPost Live, Olivia Wilde talked about how it isn't brave that she goes makeup-free—after all, men don't get praised for not wearing foundation. The 31-year-old went completely makeup free for her film, Meadowland, which is something most actresses (or women) would never do.

During her interview, Wilde mentioned how helpful it would've been if someone were around when she was young to tell her that the way women look in the movies wasn't real. And now that the way we look is even more obvious to everyone — thanks, social media — it's even harder to realize what's real and what isn't. And when you do post something natural, you're bombarded with praise for being so brave for putting your natural face out there. But, as Wilde pointed out, men don't seem to have that problem. "I don't hear people calling men brave for not wearing foundation," Wilde said.

I can't help but agree with how ludicrious the whole #nomakeup being brave thing is. As someone who only wears makeup at night (and never wears foundation), I feel the pressure that people put on those who post makeup-free photos. It's like we're making it harder and scarier for women to be natural, when we should treat those photos like the normal (but wonderful) pictures that they are. It's only one of the many examples of how the status of women has totally changed — and not for the better.

Olivia Wilde is one powerful lady in Hollywood—she's helping us change the way that we shop and also showing us that it's possible to be sustainable and chic. Let's hope that she starts a new trend and helps remove the stigma of not wearing any makeup, too.