Cara Delevingne's Tom Ford Ad Gets Banned In London After Being Deemed "Inappropriate"

Well, this is probably the first time Tom Ford and Cara Delevingne have heard the word "no." According to ELLE, Cara Delevingne's Tom Ford ad is being banned in London after people complained that it was too racy.

Most fashionistas are used to Ford’s sensual style — remember when he made pasties popular last Fall? But for the average person who is not familiar with it, I can see why an advertisement with a naked model on a billboard (near religious buildings and schools) could cause some controversy.

Many Londoners were reporting the ad to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), saying that the billboard was “inappropriate” and that it was “objectifying women.” Naturally, Tom Ford defended his campaign by describing the ad as, “sensuous but not sexual.” From there, it was left up to the ASA to make the final decision as to whether or not the billboard needed to be taken down. Turns out the ASA did conclude the ad was, “sensual and sexually suggestive,” however, because it was not, “sexually explicit,” the only requirement was that the ad could not be visible within 100 meters of a school. Because there weren’t any schools with 100 meters, the ASA deemed the billboard to be appropriate for its location.

As for those who felt the advertisement was “objectifying women,” the ASA came to the conclusion that it is, “unlikely to cause serious or widespread offense” in addition to that it, “did not degrade or objectify women.” Whether you like it or not, you have to admit that Cara is killin’ it with those Ophelia vibes in the Black Orchid advertisement.

Check her out below:

Image: orbiiitworld/Instagram