Pouring Aluminum Into A Watermelon Is Oddly Pretty

by Anjali Patel

So for those of you who have ever wondered what it looks like to pour molten aluminum into a watermelon...first of all, why? Second of all, shame on you for wasting a perfectly good watermelon, you monster. Third of all, how do you acquire that much aluminum, and where do you get the resources to melt it? And fourth of all, look no further, because thanks to the internet there is an answer to all of our oddly specific, completely off-the-wall questions. Yes, there is a video out there of a dude pouring molten aluminum in a watermelon. If you've been wondering about it, you're welcome, and if you haven't wondered about it before, I'm sure you are now. Either way, you should probably thank the Backyard Scientist for putting himself at risks for these...interesting experiments.

When the Backyard Scientist, nerdy pseudonym of the guy conducting the experiment, asks a girl in the video what she thinks is going to happen, she replies somewhat nonchalantly, "It's gonna explode." He doesn't seem to mind her bleak prediction, because he proceeds with the experiment anyway by pouring the hot metal into a watermelon in his jeans and sneakers while the ground around it casually catches on fire.

No biggie, apparently. But, if you slow down the footage a bit, the molten aluminum looks totally awesome.

After the Backyard Scientist finishes pouring hot liquid in a giant fruit, he attempts to break the watermelon apart. This is hard, of course, because you know... a metal just cooled inside it.

As it turns out, the metal seeped itself way into the holes where the seeds in the watermelon reside, making a really cool aluminum cast. It almost looks like a spine.

Or a piece of choral. Or a fossilized plant. Or a 3D futuristic space map. Just let your imagination run with it.

If you want to see the video in full, feel free to check out the clip below:

Images: YouTube(5)