20 Cool Lapel Pins You Need To Be Sticking On Your Denim Jacket This Spring

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Some of the best pieces in a woman’s closet are borrowed from the boys. From oxford shoes to boyfriend jeans to that oversize baseball jacket she scored thrifting in Bushwick, lad-inspired looks are pretty much a fashion must. So it makes sense that another versatile trend, whose origins can be traced back to 2015 Men’s Fall Fashion Week, is now erupting over women’s denim jackets, leather motos, and canvas knapsacks: Cool lapel pins.

Seriously, enamel pins are the microtrend of the moment, and they’re basically the sprinkles on top of an already awesome style sundae for the fashion-conscious lady. Many pins are individually crafted by artists, which gives would-be pin pushers the perfect opportunity to support local art and craftsmanship in their communities.

It’s a subtle way to display everything from political leanings to your penchant for puffy shirts, so there’s absolutely a pin out there with your name on it. If you’re pinning, you’re winning, and these 20 picks are just the thing to give your lapel a little lovin’.

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