20 Cool Lapel Pins You Need To Be Sticking On Your Denim Jacket This Spring

Some of the best pieces in a woman’s closet are borrowed from the boys. From oxford shoes to boyfriend jeans to that oversize baseball jacket she scored thrifting in Bushwick, lad-inspired looks are pretty much a fashion must. So it makes sense that another versatile trend, whose origins can be traced back to 2015 Men’s Fall Fashion Week, is now erupting over women’s denim jackets, leather motos, and canvas knapsacks: Cool lapel pins.

Seriously, enamel pins are the microtrend of the moment, and they’re basically the sprinkles on top of an already awesome style sundae for the fashion-conscious lady. Many pins are individually crafted by artists, which gives would-be pin pushers the perfect opportunity to support local art and craftsmanship in their communities.

It’s a subtle way to display everything from political leanings to your penchant for puffy shirts, so there’s absolutely a pin out there with your name on it. If you’re pinning, you’re winning, and these 20 picks are just the thing to give your lapel a little lovin’.

Forever Stamp Lapel Pin

Forever Stamp Pin, $8, Adam JK

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep Adam J. Kurtz’s stamp pin from its appointed round — arriving first class in fashion forever, obviously.

Kim Kardshian Pin

Georgia Perry, $10, G eorgia Perry

Kim Kardashian is everywhere these days, including your jacket collar. But if you’re tired of keeping up with her clique, no worries — Georgia Perry has immortalized more crowd faves, such as Oprah, Jerry Seinfeld, Beyoncé, and Kanye in pin form, too.

Heart Lolli Cloisonné Pin

Heart Lolli Pin, $10, Tuesday BassenSweeten up your style with a little enamel pin eye candy. Tuesday Bassen’s illustration-turned-into-pin perfection offers one solid reason to wear your heart on your sleeve.

Up To No Good Lapel Pin

Up To No Good Pin, $5, No Fun Press

People once thought you were up to no good, and now you can remove all doubt. Give them a heads-up with this eye-catchingly yellow tale of caution.

Watermelon Pin

Watermelon Pin, $15, B ig Bud Press

Keep it fresh with this mouth-watering slice of summer. The magical melon designed by Buried Diamond’s Martha Porter is sure to splash a little fun onto any lapel it touches.

Mountaineer Pin

Mountaineer Pin, $7, V innie Neuberg When life seems overwhelming, head for the hills for a little perspective. Or just attach Illustrator Vinnie Neuberg’s cartoon mountaineer pin to your jacket, and you’ll be back on track in no time.

Average Citizen Pin

Average Citizen Pin, $15, P rize

Not everyone can be above average all the time. Celebrate that mediocrity with this silver pat on the back from artist Steph Mitchell.

Pizza Pie Enamel Pin

Pizza Pie Enamel Pin, $10, G reenwich Letterpress

Declare your love for pizza on the public platform it deserves: your outfit. Onions, mushrooms, and pepperoni make for one delicious decoration you won’t be able to resist.

Puffy Shirt Pin

Puffy Shirt Pin, $10, Pygmy Hippo Shoppe

Whether you’re a Seinfeld scholar or just a really big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, quench your penchant for puff with this delightful pin.

Yo Sick Ice Cream Lapel Pin

Yo Sick Ice Cream Pin, $5, Victoire Boutique

Get the scoop on ultra chill style. This cone pin is so cool, it’s even sporting sunnies!

Oversize Wave Pin

Oversize Wave Pin, $10, Stampd

Hit the waves with this luscious pin, and let its metallic luster wash the boring right out of your outfit.

Pin Hundred

Hundred Pin Black & Gold, $12, Pin Trill

You’re always keeping it 100, so why not let the world know your standards from the get-go? Black writing and a gold outline are the icing on top.

Olympus Stylus Lapel Pin

Olympus Stylus Pin, $9, A pplesauce Industries

Take a picture — it’ll last longer. Or better yet, get a pin that’ll make your outfit picture-perfect every time. Say cheese!

Net Neutrality Enamel Pin

Net Neutrality Pin, $8, Tumblr Merch

The internet is your boyfriend, just admit it already. This Tumblrmerch pin is one prime way to display your support for a wide-open free internet.

Chill Coozie Lapel Pin

Explorer Lapel Pin

Explorer Lapel Pin, $5, Explorers Press

You’re a one girl revolution, and you’ve been blazing the trail ever since you can remember. Let everyone know you’ve got it covered with a subtle red reminder.

Enamel Paper Airplane Pin

Paper Airplane Pin, $12, C ity Of Industry

Ground Control has cleared this pin for a super fly take-off. Get your style on board, stat!

Premium Love Kills Pin

Love Kills Pin, $10, The Blksmith Co.

Deal yourself a lucky hand with this super fierce pin and its golden anthem for all the independent ladies out there.

Make Herstory Banner Brooch

Modern Girl Blitz, $14, E tsy

Remind yourself to write a good one with this permanent marker-illustrated piece by Hoboken-based artist Midge Blitz.

Saturn is the Color of your Energy Pin

Suzywan Deluxe, $20, Shop N ylon

If you love it, put a few of Saturn’s rings on it—your nearest denim vest or backpack, that is. Out-of-this-world accessorizing is no longer light years away, and you have Stockholm-based artist Susanne and her muse, Isak, to thank for it.