Kalinda Will Come Back To 'The Good Wife' Super Briefly But At Least We'll Get A Little More Archie Panjabi

Even though her departure was under the radar compared to what Grey’s Anatomy fans experienced last week, The Good Wife followers still had to say goodbye to one of the best characters on the show. Kalinda Sharma has left The Good Wife and in the most Kalinda way possible, without any real good-byes. Fans can relax for a moment though because while she might be gone for now, the executive producer Robert King promised that we will see Kalinda again before the season ends. “Yes. We will see her,” King told Entertainment Weekly. “[The finale] answers a lot of questions regarding Kalinda, which I think there will be some mystery about. Has she truly left the show? Or are there still beats to be handled with, or story elements to be handled with her? So [the finale] answers the question of Kalinda for the year.” However, we have no idea if Kalinda is returning via flashbacks or in present time, or even in what capacity we'll see the beloved investigator.

First they take Will from us, which personally may have been the hardest TV death I have ever experienced (and I watch Game of Thrones). I sobbed for two episodes after losing Will and now Kalinda is leaving and I don’t even know how to cope. Why couldn’t David Lee be the one to leave? He's expendable. Luckily, we still have lots of things that can happen with Alicia and as long as we have Eli Gold, I will be okay.

Since I can’t emotionally move on from losing Kalinda, I’ve put together a list of ways she could return to the show, even if it’s just for one episode in the future (we can all dream, right?)

Lemond Bishop Dies

Technically Kalinda is leaving because Bishop is going to kill her. If he died then maybe she could come back. I prefer Kalinda over Lemond, obviously.

She Gets Subpoenaed

Everyone on this show is constantly getting subpoenaed and Kalinda is in the center of almost every case. How is it possible for her to not get subpoenaed?

Her Ex-husband Makes An Annoying Return

She got rid of him, but who’s to say that annoying creepy ex-husband of Kalinda's won’t come back looking for her again? (Well, unless she actually killed him in that ambiguous episode back in Season 4.) His seemingly impossible return could make Kalinda come back and get rid of him again.

Alicia Gets Into Trouble

Kalinda has always been faithful to Alicia (minus that time before they met when Kalinda slept with Peter) no matter what. I think that if Alicia was in serious danger, Kalinda would have to come back to save the day.

Cary Dies

*Knock on wood* though, because I would never want this to happen, but if Cary passed away, I would hope that Kalinda would appear at his funeral. It’s the right thing to do considering he’s in love with her and constantly tried to help her.

More likely than not, Kalinda showing up again will just be a nod to her direction post-Alicia Florrick's Chicago and serve as a little closure for fans, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

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