How To Celebrate May Day Right

The Justin Timberlake 'N Sync meme has been making the Internet rounds, but it's not just "gonna be May" — now it actually is! Happy May Day! The first day of May is a centuries-old celebration of the arrival of spring. The history of this holiday dates back hundreds of years, and has had an interesting transformation ever since its humble legend and theory-based beginnings.

Apparently, May Day traditions began with three possible origins: the Druids' tree worship, the ancient spring festivals of Egypt and India, or the Roman festival of Floralia, which was a festival honoring Flora, the goddess of springtime. In England, May Day celebrations kicked off with dances around a maypole, but in the U.S., since the Puritans viewed the traditions as pagan rituals, May Day never really spread as a widely accepted holiday.

Fast forward to present day, and the holiday has shifted into International Workers Day, and more of a day to honor working people and participate in civil protests. It's a lot like our Labor Day, but for the rest of the world. Either way, I feel like we should all have today off, but if you unfortunately do not, here are all the little ways you can celebrate May Day.

1. Hug A Tree

Since one of the origins of the holiday aligns with Druid tree worship, why not express some of that nature appreciation by giving a tree a big squeeze? The environment can use a little love anyway.

2. Make A Maypole

With a little paint, some ribbons, floral garlands, and basic craft supplies, you can make a proper maypole. This is how Martha does it.

3. Dance Around It

Once your maypole is complete, it's time to dance around it. That's kinda the whole point, ya know? Typically, the dances that are performed around a maypole include the waltz, a jig, or the polka. And you can really dance to any song you want.

4. Surround Yourself With Flowers

Historically, May Day is all about “bringing in the May," and that means going into the woods and gathering plants and flowers. So go get all the flowers your arms can carry, and make it look like your apartment was turned inside out. It'll be fun, and it'll smell GREAT.

5. Have A Drink For Workers Everywhere

On America's Labor Day, we all get to kick back and relax on a day free of work and stress and pressure. Since this is more of an International Labor Day, have a drink for everyone who works hard outside of the country.

6. Wash Your Face

An old May Day superstition is that if you wash your face with the morning dew on May 1, your skin would be beautified. So cleanse away that dirt and those toxins, and live in the fresh feel of a new month!

7. Take A Day Off

Hey, if your company doesn't recognize this as Labor Day part two, then you should on your own. Call in sick, use a vacation day, and just spend the day relaxing. You absolutely won't regret it.

Image: Garry Knight/Flickr; Giphy (7)