Are Eleanor & Liam Simon's Kids On 'The Royals'?

And the bad news just keeps pouring in for our favorite fictional Royal twins. After finding out that their father, King Simon was stabbed and could potentially die, Liam was forced to become the Prince Regent and take over ruling duties. However during his swearing in, Cyrus burst in with quite the accusation: Supposedly Liam and Eleanor are not King Simon's children. And when Liam asked Queen Helena to rebuff the claims, she grew silent leaving the entire country to wonder about their paternity and the future of the monarchy now that apparently Cyrus is in charge. When the commotion subsided, Helena entered Cyrus' room and the two spoke as if they had planned the whole spectacle. So what exactly does this mean? Are Eleanor and Liam illegitimate children or were Helena and Cyrus lying?

Here's the thing, I can't believe Helena and Cyrus for one second about anything. In fact, I don't know if they've ever told the truth outside of their love for the monarchy and their desire for power. And also if they are working together in this lie, how can they trust each other? Are they bound in some evil union that is determined to keep the monarchy intact? If this whole thing is a lie, it's possible the plan was hatched after Helena's chief of staff eavesdropped on the Liam and Eleanor talking about how Liam would sign the referendum to abolish the monarchy when he became acting King.

The plan could work since King Simon still fights for his life and Liam and Eleanor have to wait for test results about their parentage. Cyrus could use this time to make sure that the referendum does not get signed and never again sees the light of day. But if Simon does regain his health or if Liam learns he is in fact Simon's child, don't Helena and Cyrus both realize that they're lies will be discovered? And if they're discovered, there's no doubt that Liam or Simon will have Cyrus courtmartialed and Helena will get punished.

If however, they are telling the truth, then that means Helena is so hellbent on keeping the monarchy intact that she'd let her reputation get ruined for good. There's no way the public will be happy about their Queen's infidelity and if King Simon wakes up, once again Cyrus is out of a job, the referendum could find its way back in play and Simon could just get divorced and let Helena suffer for her actions.

The only situation in which Cyrus and Helena get to keep their power and the monarchy stays intact for good is if they are telling the truth and if Simon dies. But considering how easily their manipulation has worked so far, I'm legitimately worried things will keep going in their favor.

Images: Screenshot/E! Network (3)