Did Jasper aka Tom Austen Leave 'The Royals'? Eleanor Has Her Paramore Arrested But It Can't Be The End

Alright Royals fans. It might be time to call time of death on a popular, weird couple. At least for now. The Jeleanor relationship might be at a real end on E! Network's hit series The Royals as Eleanor had Jasper arrested on Sunday night's episode "The Great Man Down," after her father Simon was stabbed and Eleanor found Jasper's Jack of Diamonds cuff link at the foot of Queen Helena's bed. Considering she hasn't been able to trust Jasper from the very beginning of their relationship until now, she had no reason to believe him when he said he had nothing to do with Simon's attack and every reason to believe he could have been involved. So will Jasper get Eleanor to believe and forgive him? And more importantly, is Jasper off the show?

First off, there's no way Eleanor actually believes Jasper hurt her father. The King has far too many enemies that are more likely to be involved than some random grifter from Las Vegas, especially since he had just stated that he wanted to abolish the monarchy. But now that Jasper has been hauled off, doesn't that mean that Ted Pryce (the head of security at the Palace) will probably have to disclose that Jasper lied about his identity for the sake of the investigation?

I doubt Jasper will leave the series even if Ted has to reveal the truth (there's no way that The Royals will get rid of Tom Austen that easily). Even if it means he'll be stuck in prison or in questioning for a few episodes, there's no doubt in my mind that Jasper will be sticking around. Eventually he'll have to go free so even if things at the palace stay in turmoil and Jasper doesn't get his job back right away, he'll find a way to at least try and see Eleanor again to explain what happened.

So here's another question: Will Eleanor ever let Jasper explain why he slept with Queen Helena? It will definitely take her some time to agree to this, and even then there's no guarantee she'll ever be able to forgive him, no matter the reason.

The idea of Jasper and the Queen together has got to be the worst for Eleanor since she clearly does have feelings for Jasper and she clearly hates her mother. And Helena hasn't made things for their relationship any easier when she admitted to sleeping with Jasper and stated she was doing Eleanor a favor. Plus, Helena didn't deny Cyrus' accusation that King Simon isn't Eleanor and Liam's father.

However what Eleanor needs to realize is that despite Jasper's lies, it's borderline cruel to accuse him of attacking the king and facing a terrible punishment when it's obvious he was not involved. Then again, the lies that Jasper has stacked on top of one another makes it hard for anyone to really know who he is and what he could be capable of doing. But forget the future of Jeleanor for the time being, the future of Jasper is more at stake on The Royals. Let's hope Simon's real attacker comes to light soon enough. Has anyone thoroughly investigated Cyrus and Queen Helena yet?

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