Will 'The Royals' Eleanor Learn Jasper's Truth?

Well Jeleanor fans, things are really looking bad for your favorite royal/grifter semi-couple. On Sunday night's episode of The Royals , King Simon officially announced he would sign the referendum to allow British voters to abolish the monarchy if they deemed it so. Simon's televised news was a shock to his family as none of them knew it was officially coming, and clearly they did not take it well. Eleanor was definitely the most outward about her feelings. She decided to go around her room and spray paint everything red as if to physically ruin what her father was about to ruin politically. As her anger subsided, it was replaced with pure sadness as she walked into her mother's room to give her drugs as she had requested earlier. However, when she sat on Queen Helena's bed, Jasper's Jack of diamonds cuff link fell to the floor. Did Eleanor see it? And what will this mean for the potential Jeleanor relationship?

Clearly this is a bad, bad sign. If Eleanor sees the cuff link — which it's likely she will because hello, we get more drama that way — there's no way she'll be accepting of any explanation Jasper provides even though he clearly felt the need to sleep with Helena so she wouldn't turn him into the British government for treason among other things.

Eleanor has already been pulling away from an emotional attachment with Jasper ever since he revealed he did not tape the two of them having sex. When she went off to Monaco she reconnected with her old flame Beck but that relationship was never meant to be long-lasting or public considering he has a wife.

In Sunday night's episode, we see Eleanor blocking Beck's number which might mean she can't speak to him due to her feelings being so strong that it hurts to talk to him. Instead she texts Jasper with what could be construed as booty call language.

So if she finds out that yet another man in her life is not only untrustworthy but has also been with another woman aside from herself, I'm not sure how she could ever forgive him. In fact, considering she already doesn't trust him thanks to all of his lies, I'm surprised she developed feelings for him in the first place.

More than anything, Eleanor needs to find a way to be happy with her true self, like Beck says to her. She needs to let out the side that viewers get to see when she's with Liam or Ophelia or Beck. As sad as this sounds, maybe her father's attack will force her to be more real and vulnerable in private and in public. And if she can do that, then maybe she'd be willing to listen to Jasper's explanation about sleeping with Queen Helena. Though no matter what, that's going to be a tough pill to swallow.

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