This NFL Player Gave The Sweetest Promposal

Sen’Derrick Marks, defensive tackle for Jacksonville Jaguars asked a girl to prom, thus solidifying that prom is a whole different beast from when I was in school. I'm pretty sure I got my first promposal via AOL Instant Messenger. To further age/clique myself, his username was reelbigfan311. Anywho, I'm clearly An Old, as arranging prom plans is a now highly sacred act. Take, for example, that one super chill bro who promposed with blunts that spelled out "prom". I'd go with that bro. Even now. I digress. A new promposal—sans any ska band references—raises the bar even further. An NFL player asked a girl with cancer to prom, complete with a bouquet of red roses. It is seriously heartwarming.

Marks made a ridiculously adorable gesture recently when he stopped by 18-year-old cancer patient Khameyea Jennings's hospital room. He bestowed some gorgeous flowers and sweetly asked the teen to prom—including mention of securing prior mom permission (crucial). Jennings didn't exactly weigh the decision before responding with a resounding "YES." Marks is nine years her senior, but, we can and probably should ignore that here because her face! Her face is slicked with such genuine surprise and glee, the tenderness is palpable. I'm most obsessed with her speed in answering Marks's questions, as if had somehow suspected this would happen so she had exact responses prepared. Like color scheme? White and gold, OBVS.

Smiles ABOUND. Marks is such a good sport, clearly. Plus, gold is one of the Jags' colors, so we already know how fly the couple will be come actual prom night. See the whole theatrical thing below:

This is all kinds of fantastic, right down to Marks inquiring about hair style preferences. Personally, I vote hair down because OBVIOUSLY dancing is way more fun when you can toss your tresses all wild:

Also, I wonder what Jennings had in mind with that whole white and gold theme...

Regardless of style specifics, I'm sure Jennings and Marks will have an absolute riot at prom. Have fun, you two!

Images: Jaguars/Twitter (2); Giphy (2)