Welcome To The Chillest Promposal Ever

Promposals are, in general, not very chill affairs: Boyfriends get (fake) arrested, girlfriends get (fake) rejected from their top college, people cry in cars... I'm not sure when or why people stopped just saying the words "Will you go to prom with me?" — but please, for everyone's sake, let's return to simpler times. That being said, not all promposals appear destined for drama; indeed, eight days ago, Redditor LegalizeOtt posted a photo of his promposal to the /r/trees sub, and it might just be the chillest promposal in the history of the universe.

First, let me note that I'm not condoning high school drug use; let's work under the assumption that the parties involved here are two 18-year-olds living in the state of Colorado and thus their activities are totally legal. LegalizeOtt titled his post simply, "Wish me luck, guys"... and then attached an image of five blunts spelling out P-R-O-M. It appears to have worked, too: A few hours later, he updated his fans with, "She said yes, and then we both got high." I guess the path to a stoner's heart is just, like, a pretty straightforward one.

The Daily Dot caught up with the chivalrous young man for some more details (all of which should be considered to have a giant "sic" right up front), so for the curious, here's the blow-by-blow of how it all went down:

Lol I had the idea because we both love smoking weed, and she gave me a few hints that i should ask her to prom before so I wasnt too nervous. We went to a nice smokespot with a great view over the city. We smoked 1 and a half of the 5 there but left early because some rednecks showed up. For the dance itself me and my friend planned to get an half oz to smoke before the dance, and my date is probably bringing some tree too so we'll be really high.

And just because I can't not include it, here's the image itself:

Soooo... yeah. That happened. Carry on.

Image: Imgur