These 3D Ocean Floors Are Hypnotizing

OK, so destiny robbed you. You were clearly supposed to be a mermaid, and instead you ended up in this useless two-legged human body, and there aren't exactly any sassy land witches offering you shady magic in exchange for fins. But now you can have the next best thing to living in the ocean, which are these 3D ocean floors that people are installing to make the ground look like an actual ocean. More officially, they're called 3D Epoxy floors, and they are basically so gorgeous that if you install one you'll probably start running into walls all the time. Why would you ever take your eyes off the floor again?

Although the 3D floors can depict any scenes, the most popular by far has been ocean scenes. One company in Dubai, Imperial Interiors, says that the floors used to be popular mostly in mall or office settings, but have since taken off in home and apartment interiors as well. The effect is ridiculously surreal and mesmerizing. Like, sorry not sorry, but if I were peeing in somebody's bathroom and it had a floor this enchanting, I'd probably just never leave. These are maybe more pretty than the ocean itself, if I'm allowed to say that without someone throwing a rock at me.

Imperial explained that the installation of the floors is actually a four step process. First, they put down a level layering of screed, which is basically concrete. Then they set down the boggling photo image. After that, they set it with two coats of polymer, a thickener and a hardener, and finally, they stick a protective lacquer on top that makes it completely resistant to furniture wear and tear.

Honestly, all of these look gorgeous enough to live inside of. With the exception of maybe this one:

HEY, at least it would be a real conversation piece at parties. After you finished calling 911 for several heart attack victims, that is. Here's another pretty one for the road:

If anybody needs me, I'll be curled up on a stranger's 3D floor.

Image: helter_skelter1925/Instagram