5 Reasons Fall Is The Best Time To Cut Your Hair

By Candace Bryan

In a bizarre turn of events, Pamela Anderson became relevant again today. For two different reasons! Firstly, Matt Lauer dressed up as Baywatch Pam on this morning's Today show. Then, pictures of Anderson with a new pixie haircut began circulating throughout the web. I think I've read her name more times than "Miley Cyrus" today. Weird.

But time warp aside, how great is Anderson's cut? Given that we usually see her in tacky, boobalicious outfits and fried blonde hair, her simple pixie 'do and (I can't believe I'm about to say this) elegant outfit are shocking to say the least. I hope she keeps it longer than the millisecond Beyoncé did.

After all, despite popular opinion, fall is the best season to cut your hair short. Although summer might seem like the season to go gamine, trust me, fall is better. Here's why:

1. Scarves: When autumn arrives, so does scarf weather. If you've ever in your life had hair that reached below your chin, you know all too well how annoying and static-electric hair gets when it spends the day rubbing against your wool neck warmer. A bun is one solution, short hair is another.

2. Shedding: Women lose more hair in the fall than any other time of the year, and shedding is kind of a bummer. Since your hair isn't going to be at its thickest and most lush, you might as well get rid of it, right?

3. Saving time and money: In the next month or two, you've got a lot of parties to attend and a lot of presents to buy. Who has the time or money to get blow outs, or really even to comb your hair? Not you. Fortunately, cropped hair takes virtually no time to wash and style.

4. Thanksgiving: No one gives compliments quite like your Great Aunt Doris. If you think you might not like your new short hair, wait until you have a giant meal with all the people who have to be nice to you no matter what. That's what family's for.

5. Hats: Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes our hairdressers make mistakes. If you have a hair cut disaster in the fall, just imagine all the cloches and fedoras you can wear to cover the mess until it grows out a little. No worries!