When Will Kate Middleton Have Her Baby? Twitter Really Wants To Know The Answer & It's Leading To Some Stressful Tweets

It's the question on everyone's mind: has the royal baby been born yet? The answer, just like it was the last time you asked two minutes ago, is still no. But as we all know, Kate Middleton's second baby is due literally any day now. In fact, reportedly, she's already past her due date; although there was never one confirmed publicly by the royal family. So, fans of the royals are anxiously awaiting an update, any update, on when the little bundle of joy will finally make an appearance. And naturally, Twitter is losing its collective mind over the royal baby watch.

Multiple Twitter accounts are now entirely dedicated to real time updates on the progress of the royal baby, including @HRHBabyWatch and @RoyalBabyWatch. The former includes links to parking restrictions near the hospital, suggestions on what to do while you wait for the royal baby's birth, a note about the royal couple's wedding anniversary, and more. The latter is one big parody account, based off of the question, "Has Kate given birth yet?" Predictably, this leads to hilarious results. And, in the meantime, fans, even those who have not created entire Twitter accounts around the lack of news, are growing antsy, posting tweets of impatience and anxiety for the inevitable announcement. Some major publications are in on the fun, too. Here's a round up of some of the best tweets posted in anticipation for royal baby #2.