Fashion's Temporary Tattoos Speak Loudly

by Stephanie Chon

As if you needed another reason to wear those metallic temporary tattoos, here's another: Organization is using temporary tattoos for their "1 in 3 Of Us" campaign to make more than a simple fashion statement — they're being used to start a conversation about unhealthy, abusive relationships.

According to, “one in three young people will be in an unsafe or unhealthy relationship.” And in attempt to increase awareness of domestic violence in addition to decreasing the high percentage of that violence, DoSomething created temporary metallic tattoos that are meant to signify knowledge about unsafe relationships.

The design of the tattoos seemed to be inspired by the blurred line between a healthy relationship and a controlling one. The three temporary tattoo bracelets come with a "Spot the Signs" package, which was made in partnership with the CDC. The package gives tips on how to quickly spot signs of an abusive relationship amongst your friends. The temporary tattoos serve as a means to reach out to your friends and spread the tips and facts you learn from Spot the Signs guide so that it can further increase awareness. Their hope is that friends will "talk through the Spot the Signs arm themselves with skills to detect signs of unhealthy relationships."

In addition to receiving the metallic tattoos and the guide, you will automatically enter yourself for a chance to win a $5,000 scholarship.

Images: dosomething/Instagram; Courtesy of