We Need Xtina To Do A Country Album ASAP

Christina Aguilera can add "country hitmaker" to her repertoire, as it was announced today that her song "Shotgun" — which she sang during her three-episode guest stint on ABC's Nashville reached No. 28 on the Hot Country Songs chart, according to Billboard. This isn't the first time that the pop star has forayed into the country music genre. In 2012, Aguilera dipped her toes into the proverbial pool of country music by featuring friend and The Voice costar, Blake Shelton, on her track, "Just A Fool." With her acclaimed performance on Nashville as well as her debut of "Shotgun" at the Academy of Country Music Awards, there's no denying this one fact: Aguilera needs to make a country album ASAP.

I'm not saying that Aguilera should abandon the pop music scene – far from it! But if Taylor Swift has taught us anything, it's that there's a fine line between country and pop, and it's perfectly fine to dabble in different genres every once in a while. Aguilera has also proven that she can be quite the chameleon when it comes to music. She's showcased stellar chops in regard to the bubblegum pop that we all came to know and love in the late 90s, while also foraying into rock with hits like "Fighter." If you're still not convinced that a country album from Aguilera would be phenomenal, I've compiled a list of reasons we need our favorite pop diva to turn into a country crooner.

She Has A Phenomenal Voice

Those pipes can't be confined to one genre — we need Aguilera singing on every radio station there is.

She's Fearless

If there's one thing that defines Aguilera, it's here fierce fearlessness. She hasn't shied away from the intimidation of acting in major motion pictures (hi, Burlesque) or dallying in the reality TV competition forum (hi, The Voice), so recording a country album should be a piece of cake!

She Has The Connections

Not only is Blake Shelton one of country music's biggest stars, he's also one of Aguilera's most beloved friends and has served as a coach alongside Aguilera on The Voice for years. If Aguilera should ever need any tips or tidbits, she's got a great mentor on hand.

She Likes To Experiment

One minute Aguilera is channeling rock in songs like "Fighter" and the next she's taking us "Back to Basics" with some retro tunes. Our favorite pop queen is a master at experimentation when it comes to her music.

It's Been Done Before

Taylor Swift made a successful transition from country to pop, so why couldn't Aguilera do the reverse? If you can't come up with a reason, that's because there aren't any.

She's Very Supportive

After receiving a Milestone Award at the 2015 ACMs, Swift spoke on the cohesive and familial network that exists in country music. Whether it's coaching contestants on The Voice, or offering accolades to fellow artists, Aguilera has proven that she is one "solo act" who knows a lot about collaboration.

She's Simply Amazing

What else do I need to say? It's Aguilera we're talking about! She can conquer any song, any genre, and basically anything she wants to. I'm going to dust off my cowboy hat and riding boots as I eagerly await my favorite pop songstress's first country record.

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