This 9/11 Cake Is As Bad As It Sounds And Might Be The Least Delicious And Most Offensive Cake Has Ever Been — PHOTOS

So I get that baked goods are experiencing a kind of zeitgeist right now, which I find a bit inexplicable because A) are people really that into cake decorating? And B) how have you idiots not understood how amazing cake is up until this point? Why are you all acting like baking is newly on fleek? It was, like, the first thing to ever be on fleek. But you know what? The power of cake has its limits. Take, for example, this 9/11 cake by Austrian baker Thomas Kienbauer. The fact that it's made of cake doesn't make 9/11 palatable or easier to digest. In fact, it's offensive and sad.

So back to this Kienbauer joker. Ol' Tommy K wanted to make a political statement...with cake. One person in history made a memorable political statement with cake, sir. Not only did Marie Antoinette not actually make aforementioned cake, but I feel you should know the whole kerfuffle didn't go so well for her. Apparently this sin against good taste (on all levels; who likes fondant?) is supposed to be a commentary on the current state of Vienna politics, with each of the towers representing major political parties and the planes (including the one that hit the Pentagon resting atop the whole monstrosity) representing smaller political factions. It's really hard to tell who is supposed to be the good guy here. Call me crazy, but I don't think this was particularly well thought out.

“Sometimes, you have to present an exaggerated view of the situation if you really want to make a point,” said Keinbauer said in an interview with Kronen Zeitung. Yeah. Okay. And sometimes you need to just bake a goddamn Frozen birthday cake like I asked for and keep your inappropriate political rantings to yourself, you creepy weirdo.

Images: Getty Images; Twitter (2)