Misheard Lyrics From Fall Out Boy Album 'From Under The Cork Tree,' Because You Always Knew They Were Into Cats

I never thought I'd say this, but I kinda miss the days of 2007 when Fall Out Boy was be on the radio non-stop. More than that, I really miss all the arguments about the lyrics of their songs I'd have with my friends. Fall Out Boy's smash hit album From Under the Cork Tree is turning 10 and to celebrate, I thought I'd compile and illustrate some of the misheard lyrics from the band, because I love me some Photoshop. There are so many that it even became a thing on the internet. One of my favorite viral videos illustrates the misheard words of "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race" and renames the song as "Also Into Cats" — once you watch the vid, you'll never hear the track the same way again.

And misheard lyrics becoming a thing never really goes out of style. Taylor Swift's current hit "Blank Space" boasts the misheard lyric "lonely Starbucks lovers" that has gone viral and accidentally advertises the coffee chain (it's actually "long list of ex-lovers"). There's even a website dedicated to misheard lyrics throughout music called Kiss This Guy, a titled based on how the "kiss the sky" lyric is often misheard from the Jimi Hendrix song "Purple Haze."

The best part about confusing lyrics? The weird image they conjure up in our minds. So I've taken to Photoshop to bring these misheard Fall Out Boy lyrics to life — with bassist Pete Wentz and cats (duh).

"I'm A Little Man / I'm Also Evil / Also Into Cats"

Of course this one comes first. I dare you to listen to the song "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race" without hearing it in the chorus. The lyrics are actually: "I'm a leading man / And the lies I weave are oh so intricate, oh so intricate." I prefer to believe that Fall Out Boy just really likes cats.

"A Loaded-Gun Complex, Cock It And Pull It"

This is one lyric I argued with my friends about almost too much. It would make sense that Fall Out Boy would have a loaded gun complex. Actually, the lyric from the song "Sugar, We're Going Down" is "loaded God complex" and it's the reason why some radio stations would censor it. I still say it's gun, because it makes more sense, but I didn't write the song.

(Also, that photo is totally Wentz. I know. It turns out he's way hotter without guyliner.)

"Weird Friends / Weird Friends / Just Because We Move Units"

In track "Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends," the lyrics state that "we're friends / we're friends," but it sounds very much like "weird friends."

"Star-Searched Mattress, Because Everyone Deserves The Fame"

Also from "Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends," the song says "strike us like matches / cause everyone deserves the flames," but for the life of me, I never heard it that way. I always heard it as some combination of "sun menagerie" or "star-searched mattress."

I know. Even the cat is confused.

Images: Mallory Carra/Bustle (4)