What Is The Royal Baby's New Name?

So she's been born, but what is the new Royal Baby's name? Now that Kate Middleton has given birth to her second child with Prince William on Saturday, May 2 at 8:34 a.m. British Summer Time, the only thing anyone cares about is finding out what Kate and William will name the new baby. (OK, it's the only thing that matters other than knowing that mom and babe are happy and healthy, and that Prince Harry is still single, all of which is true, so now we can guiltlessly obsess about baby names.)

As it goes with the Royal Family, giving the new princess a name isn't as simple as Kate reading something cute in 10,001 Baby Names 4U while watching Teen Mom and shoveling ice cream (or maybe she did; I don't know her life) one night. Babies born to the Royal Family are almost always given names from a rather limited list of significant family names. Which, to be honest, has made the guessing game in anticipation of the Duke and Duchess' second child even more fun — guessers haven't exactly been shooting in the dark. As much as we might be totally surprised by what name they end up giving their new little girl, there are some reasonably likely options they could go with.

Here are the favorites, according to Ladbrokes, a British betting and gaming company (hey, it's as good a place as any to guess about something we have absolutely no control over), along with the odds of each occurring:

  • Alice 7/4
  • Charlotte 3/1
  • Victoria 5/1
  • Elizabeth 6/1
  • Diana 10/1
  • Alexandra 14/1
  • Alexandrina 25/1
  • Anne 25/1
  • Catherine 25/1
  • Eleanor 25/1
  • Florence 25/1
  • Frances 25/1
  • Grace 25/1
  • Katherine 25/1
  • Margaret 25/1
  • Mary 25/1
  • Rose 25/1
  • Samantha 25/1
  • Sarah 25/1

Or, alternately, they could just go with the obvious choice: