The Official Royal Baby Easel Is Posted

by Lia Beck

It goes without saying that the royal family is steeped in tradition and this includes when a new royal family member makes his or her way into the world. On Saturday, May 2, Kate Middleton gave birth to a baby girl and while we don't know her name yet, you can bet that she isn't going to be called, like, North West. Her name, like her brother George's, will probably be something we've heard in the royal family before. She was also born in the same hospital as her brother and as her father, Prince William, and uncle, Prince Harry. Another tradition that this baby has already taken part in is having her birth announced on the official royal baby easel.

The easel is the traditional way of announcing a birth in the royal family. After a baby is born, a piece of paper that states that the baby has, in fact, arrived is placed on an easel outside of the hospital so that fans of the royal family can literally "ooh" and "ahh" and take selfies with a piece of paper. (While I might sound snarky, I'm not gonna lie, I would totally take a selfie with it if I were there.)

The royal family is living in the modern age, so the news of the birth was first announced of the Kensington Palace Twitter account. Still, the easel was put out for the world to see only a couple hours after the baby was born.

Take a look for yourself below. Oooh a piece of paper! And what's that?! A sentence! My goodness!