The Royal Navy's Royal Baby Tribute Is The Coolest Gift Kate and Will's Baby Girl Could Get — PHOTO

Forget onesies and plush animals. Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby girl, born Saturday, has been given gifts that are far, far cooler than anything you and I received when we were just hours old. (Even though we all hung onto our baby blankets like they were solid gold for far too long.) Shortly after it was announced that a baby princess was born, London celebrated the news of Prince George's little sister with several very public salutes to the as-of-yet-unnamed girl. But very few were as cool as the Royal Navy's Royal Baby tribute.

Despite the fact that the HMS Lancaster was at sea during the announcement of the princess' overdue birth, sailors aboard the craft still got in on the royal baby frenzy, coordinating their movements in order to spell out the word "SISTER," in a way that was visible from an aerial view. (And it makes sense that the HMS Lancaster would be the ship to do so — after all, it's sponsored by Queen Elizabeth II and is even nicknamed "The Queen's Frigate.") Really, after seeing the results from an aerial photo, what baby, royal or otherwise, wouldn't want this image framed on their wall?

Even if they did have plenty of time to nail it — the royal baby, due April 23, was very late — it's a downright impressive gift.

But the Royal Navy wasn't alone in its dedication to presenting a very public gift to the royal princess. The city of London was also psyched about the news, finding ways to announce the baby's birth that are far more creative than a simple AP alert. First, the BT Tower spread the news with this display:

Of course, there's one thing about that image that's yielding some nit-picking:

So, it could be the BT Tower doesn't quite have pink in its repertoire... or is it simply adhering to a royal color? Or finding a way to announce the news without being heteronormative? Either way, I dig it — princess is going to see enough pink in her life.

Starting right here, in fact. In celebration of the new royal baby, the Royal Tower Bridge has also decided to pay tribute, glowing pink for the princess.

Still thinking your baby blanket was all that?

But then, after seeing tributes like these...

...maybe we'll stick to our baby blankets after all.