17 Cinco de Mayo Desserts For When You Need A Break From All That Guacamole

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Cinco de Mayo is upon us! It's the perfect time of year to enjoy Mexican culture in one of the best ways: through food and drinks. You could celebrate Cinco de Mayo by getting wasted off of margaritas and tequila shots, or you could celebrate it by making and then eating delicious Cinco de Mayo desserts that play off traditional Mexican recipes and ingredients. Or you could do both. I don't know, I'm not judging.

I'll just say this: there are few better ways to celebrate anything than with an amazing tres leches cake or fried ice cream. Or churros dipped in chocolate. Or margarita-flavored cupcakes. Is your mouth watering yet? These 17 delicious Cinco de Mayo desserts will have you baking in no time. Enjoy!

Image: Munchin With Munchkin

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