David Beckham’s Instagram Says A Lot About Him

by Jennifer Still

He's an international football star (that's "soccer", to us American folks), the husband of Spice Girl and fashion designer Victoria Beckham, dad to rising model Brooklyn (plus Romeo and Harper!), and now a social media maven. That's right, everybody: David Beckham joined Instagram on May 2, just in time for his 40th birthday — what a way to celebrate! Does this decision have anything to do with what a hit he was totally shutting Brooklyn down in the best possible way in one of the younger Beckham's Insta videos in the best possible way? Maybe, but who knows. What we do know is that David Beckham is a total legend and now we can look at his handsome face ALL THE TIME on social media. Move over, Royal Baby #2 — there's plenty of other big news to celebrate. (I kid!)

While he's only posted five photos so far, I'm pretty hopeful that there's gonna be a lot more amazing stuff to come on David's feed. Portraits of his adorable family? Pictures of him in his underwear? More videos of him embarrassing his kids? Anything goes, and I can't wait For now, I think there's plenty we can learn from the photos the elder Beckham has posted so far, so let's sit back, take it all in, and prepare for the ride.

Post #1

Beckham's first Instagram post was certainly a welcome sight for many. Shirtless in bed? We'll take it. In the caption, he says that he "can't wait to start sharing all [his] special moments with" us, and if those special moments are his "morning in bed face", seems like we're in for a treat.

Post #2

Since it's his 40th birthday today, Beckham is feeling "very spoilt" — likely due to awesome presents from his family and friends (which he refers to in the first post). There are some presents there on the table (love that watermelon wrapping paper!) and his garden (or whoever it belongs to) looks amazing. The weather looks nice, too! The overall message is clear: Beckham's got a pretty amazing life and we're all going to be jealous looking at it in detail on Instagram.

Post #3

Talk about being spoiled! Beckham is having what looks to be an amazing dinner party, complete with adorable party hats, and I'm jealous I wasn't invited. It's good to see that he can let his hair down and celebrate. He even started his own hashtag, #DB40!

Post #4

Once again, "DB" wants you to know that he's a "very lucky man." He's poolside now, which tells me wherever he is (LA is my guess), it's warm enough to go swimming. This also makes me jealous because I love pools and swimming and I don't have one and haven't been in ages.

Post #5

Beckham refers to his son Brooklyn as "the real boss of the family," and I think he probably means it in a social media way, since Brooklyn's only 16 and not old enough to be the boss of anything. Still, he's got a special bond with his kids and loves being a dad, which is pretty sweet.

Image: Getty Images