#RoyalBaby Jokes That Will Have You In Tears

It's here! It's here! And by "it's", I mean the big day that Kate Middleton and Prince William welcome their second child to the world. The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday, May 2 at 8:34 am in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in London, but it's not just the UK that's celebrating. Fans of the royal family from around the world have gone absolutely INSANE on social media, speculating on what the couple will name their daughter and posting meme after amazing meme in honor of the arrival of the new princess — who, by the way, is now fourth in line to the throne (and there are memes about that, too).

The Twitter response has probably been the biggest highlight of Middleton's labor and delivery, to be honest. While not everyone is a fan of the monarchy, most people are hard-pressed to dislike "Wills & Kate", as they've lovingly been referred to by their legions of fans and admirers internationally. Plus, who's really cynical enough not to celebrate and be happy at the birth of a healthy baby? I don't want to know those kind of people. The memes that continue to be posted across Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are inspired, lighthearted and many downright hilarious, so I figured we should all share the wealth and enjoy some of the best the social networks have to offer.

Keep 'em coming, internet comedians! You're making my morning so much brighter!

Little Britain gets in on the fun

If there are two things that define Britain, it's the monarchy and... Vicky Pollard? Well, maybe not, but it's still hilarious anyway!

Game of Thrones inspiration

Hey, Daenerys is indeed heir to the iron throne, really, and she's also the mother of dragons and Queen (for now) of Meereen. It could work!

The new princess will need her prince one day...

Get in line, suckas! This kid's already there!

Learn from Anne Hathaway, little one

I mean, we all loved The Princess Diaries, but something tells me that Royal Baby #2 will cut right to the glam phase of her princess-hood.

Well, that's an unusual name!

The bookies have "Alice" as the top name for the new princess, but hey, anything could happen! Plus, you've gotta love a good Friends reference. I'm sure the Duke and Duchess are big fans!

Phoebe Buffay came prepared

Speaking of Friends, no one knows how to celebrate the birth of little ones quite like Phoebe. She might have thought it was going to be a boy, but don't worry! She's on it!

The Town Crier is the hero of the Royal Baby #2 story, right?

I mean, come on! Look at that amazing outfit! He seriously means business (yes, just like I do when reading the dessert menu at a restaurant).

Snape is not impressed (of course)

He wasn't pleased about Harry Potter getting all the intention, so obviously he's not going to be all that into Royal Baby #2. What a spoilsport!

Let's not forget about Prince George

I mean, he's still probably going to be king in his lifetime... Plus, look at that adorable face!

Obligatory, obviously

What's anything without a "Keep Calm" poster made of it?

Hmm, something doesn't seem quite right here

I mean, Simba's cute and all, but somehow I think Kate Middleton and Prince William's newborn will look slightly different...

Homer doesn't really get it, I don't think

Ah, well... he figured it out in the end, so better late than never, I suppose.

Fake babies need not apply

I'm sure the new princess will be very convincingly real. Nothing to worry about!

It's funny what makes the news around here

I mean, childbirth is a pretty harrowing experience, but I suppose I can see the point (even if I don't agree with it)...