The 5 Smoothest Ways to Pick Up Guys

Between all of the OKCupid and Tinder horror stories, pickup lines get kind of a bad rap. Usually when you think of pickup lines you think of gross, explicitly sexual things guys say to try to get in your pants, but pickup lines aren’t solely used by sleazy dudes—or even dudes for that matter. Reddit asked the ladies their smoothest lines they’ve ever used on a guy, and the results just might make you a believer that cheesy one-liners are a pretty good way to break the ice with that cutie across the bar.

As a former Tinder user, I can confirm from personal experience that a little boldness and wit can go a long way in piquing the interest of someone you’ve got your eye on. Given the fact that studies have shown that funny people are more attractive than their non-humorous counterparts (and are better in bed), it makes total sense that showing off your funny bone is a good way to attract another person.

Crafting the perfect pickup line can be tough—you don’t want to use one that’s tired, like “Are you from Jamaica? Cause Jamaican me crazy!” because that just makes you look lame. If we can learn anything from these pickup masters of Reddit, it’s that the perfect pickup line is made by using your environment to your advantage, with a little cheeky humor and a whole lot of spontaneity. Take notes from these five smooth criminals (I've made up my own pickup line intros to the pickup lines because I can be smooth, too!).

1. "Call me Goldilocks, 'cause this chair looks just right."

Wow. All I can do is just...

2. "May I have this dance?"

Yaaaassss!! Best and simplest prom-posal of all time. OF ALL TIME.

3. "I mustache you a question."

Amazing. She should be on an improv troupe.

4. "Can you give me a hand?"

Well played, MoreThanASuperstar. Well played. Also props for the relevant username.

5. "Be the hero I deserve, not the hero I need," or something like that.

I'm actually kind of mad now that I never thought of this, given my obsession with Batman. I've let you down, Bruce.

Check out the full thread for more smooth-as-butter pickup attempts.

Images: Vicente Alfonso / Flickr; Reddit (5); Giphy (3)