These States Party The Most

If you're looking to take a vacation this summer, there are a number of factors you'd probably take into consideration, like the travel distance, amount of tourist attractions and things to do, availability of beaches, and probably the nightlife. I would bet that many states try to boast that they have the best party scenes, but thanks to Find The Best's ranking of states that party the most and the least, now we know for sure which areas of the country are the booziest. So if you choose your summer vacation solely based off of which state has the biggest partiers, let's just say you might be thrown for a loop. is a site that helps you find the best of pretty much anything, from smart phones to colleges, so it's no surprise that they would have the scoop on the best state for drinkers. To come up with the ranking, Find The Best calculated bar density by state for all 50 states by analyzing the number of bars per 10,000 people. You would think that states with big, famous cities like New York or California would have topped the list, but you'd be wrong. The great state of Wisconsin took the #1 spot, with a whopping 12.57 bars per 10 people. Which kind of makes sense given what I know about Wisconsin from my friends who live there, aka all there is to do is drink beer, eat cheese, and try to stay warm. So yeah, I could see there being a lot of bars, but I'm not sure that would be enough to convince me to take a trip out there (sorry).

The lowest end of the spectrum was Utah, with only 1.73 bars per 10K people. Talk about a buzz kill.

Sidenote, I wonder if the bars in Utah are really crowded all the time because if there are only less than two bars for every ten thousand people, your options must be pretty limited? Can anyone from Utah confirm? Sadly, my current home state of Georgia didn't do too much better, with only 2.74 bars per 10,000 Georgians. Oh well, I guess ATL can't carry the whole state, although I do feel pretty let down.

Check out the full interactive map below to see where your state ranks.

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