12 Amazing Things To Do With Mom On Mother's Day

Mother's Day is one of those Sundays when you're obligated to get yourself out of bed at a reasonable hour to spend the day with your mom. The best Mother's Day celebrations are spent doing something that makes her happy, and makes you feel happy in return. It doesn't even have to be anything huge or super special — what moms say they want is to be able to relax, enjoy themselves, and hang out with their kids without having to do anything for their kids for a few hours.

There are a whole bunch of cliche things you could do on Mother's Day: go to an over-crowded Home Depot to shop for flowers and then garden together, head to an over-crowded restaurant for brunch or dinner, where you'll have to wait over an hour to sit down, go to an over-crowded salon to get manis and pedis... are you seeing a pattern here? This year, try to plan something that's just a little bit more unique and interesting, while still being pretty simple and, of course, fun.

Want to make sure your mom has the best Mother's Day ever? At least one of these things should appeal to her — and if you're not that into it, you'll just have to suck it up and go along for the ride. It is her day, after all. Check out these 12 things you can do for Mother's Day, and get to planning!

1. Make brunch instead of going out

Brunch is a total cliche on Mother's Day for a reason — it's brunch, and it's delicious and amazing. That said, every decent restaurant in your area is probably going to be packed. Avoid the crowds by making your mom a gourmet brunch at home. Endless mimosas courtesy of you.

2. Head to a wine tasting or a vineyard for the day

If you live close to a vineyard, take your mom out for a day of wine tasting and cheese. Everybody wins this way, because wine.

3. Take a fun cooking class together

Do something fun and constructive on Mother's Day by taking your mom to a cool cooking class. It's definitely different, and if she loves cooking, she'll probably enjoy it. Plus, you get to eat something great!

4. Go for a long hike or walk where you can bond

It will hopefully be beautiful outside on Mother's Day, and if it is, take advantage of the weather to take a walk or a hike with your mom. It's ideal bonding time, and maybe you can even bring a little picnic if you're going somewhere scenic.

5. Plan a mini road trip to somewhere awesome

Go somewhere new and different this year. Plan a fun mini road trip somewhere only a few hours away. Pack the car with road trip junk food, and play silly games while you drive.

6. Take her shopping

Not sure what to buy your mom? Take her shopping, and let her pick out her gift. Try on fancy dresses together, and just have a good time.

7. Treat her to a spa day

Most moms just want a chance to relax on Mother's Day. Check out Groupon for deals in your area — there should definitely be some good ones. Buy your mom a cool package, and go together for the most relaxing day possible.

8. Head to a show or a museum for some culture

If you live in a city or a busy area, find something stimulating to do on Mother's Day. Go see some sort of show or play, or head to a museum.

9. Go somewhere relaxing to read

If your mom isn't big on doing anything, well, big, then keep things small. Go to a nice park or a pretty cafe to read together, and just generally relax. Maybe a quiet day is all she needs.

10. Plan a family game day or night

If you'd rather stay in this year, then break out the board games and plan a fun family game day or night. Make it a silly competition complete with lots of snacks.

11. Go to a game

Is your mom really into sports? Why not look for tickets to a baseball game or something else around your area? Even if you're not a huge sports fan, live games are so much fun.

12. Have a movie marathon

If you're into the idea of keeping things simple, do so with a movie marathon. Gather together some of your mom's favorites, as well as something new, and make a huge bowl of popcorn. Throw in some ice cream too, because why not?

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