Reactions To American Pharoah's Kentucky Derby Win

There were several kinds of people tweeting about the Kentucky Derby winner, American Pharoah, after the race ended Saturday evening. Whether they had bet on a specific horse or were just watching the Derby for a reason to drink mint juleps and wear fancy hats, fans were going wild on Twitter talking about the winner, the losers, the outfits, the money. The race was quick — American Pharoah won in just slightly over two minutes — but that still left plenty of time before and after for the Internet to become overwhelmed with commentary.

Some people were just happy to watch the race, some people were freaking out about their big (or little) win, some couldn't help but poke fun at the horse's name, others were annoyed that American Pharoah is spelled wrong — it technically should be Pharaoh — a few people were less than pleased because their favorite lost, and yet more were excited that Jimmy Fallon's Puppy Predictor was accurate.

Whatever your thoughts on it, it was a pretty fun race to watch, and social media sure thought so, too. From happiness to sadness, money gains to losses, here's a look at the types of people who reacted to the Kentucky Derby on Twitter.

Happy Enthusiasts

People Who Won Money

Punny Joke-Makers

Upset About The Spelling

Not So Stoked

Jimmy Fallon Fans