Teen Girl Responds To Guys Who Don't Like Condoms

by Jamie Kenney

Teenagers, especially teenage girls, get a bum rap, you guys. They are derided as overly emotional, irrational, obnoxious, lazy, irresponsible, and disrespectful. I once had a woman tell me her plan for her daughters was to "bury them when they're 12 and dig them up when they're 25." Cute story, lady. I assure you, I was horrified. Look, I get that the teenager years are a socially and biologically volatile time, but teenagers can be witty, intelligent, and awesome: like this 14-year-old who gave the best possible answers about condom use for her sex ed class.

The 14 year-old in question (I'll call her Sassafras because she is, truly, a Sassafras. Also, I wanted that to be my daughter's middle name and my jerk husband wouldn't let me so I'm reduced to bestowing this name on anonymous story subjects.) was given the task of finding appropriate responses to partner objections to condoms via multiple choice answers. But Sassafras, wit and trailblazer, decided to come up with a few flawless replies of her own. (My personal favorite is her retort for the all too common "I don't have a condom with me." Like, guys really still try that? Yeah, bro? That's what you're going with?)

Amid all I hear about the failures of sex ed nowadays, I must say it's refreshing to see that there are schools that highlight the importance of condom use to their students! And this girl is so full of win. Not only is she bright, funny, and clearly focused on her health and future, but she's doing me a solid by proving what I've been saying for years about teenagers being great!

Check out her amazing answers below. Sassafras, stay awesome!

Images: Getty Images; Imgur