Patricia Is Almost Too Fab For 'Southern Charm'

The undisputed star of Southern Charm is Patricia Altschul, who perfectly embodies all of the lovely, charming leisure that the south has to offer, along with the perfectly coiffed sense of style you'd expect from a beauty queen rather than a lady in late middle age. But what does Patricia Altschul do when she's not on Southern Charm with her son, Whitney Sudler-Smith? Does she all of a sudden become a beer-drinking, ponytail-wearing slob? In a word, no. That Southern belle thing isn't just an act — she's always been a proper lady of the South, ever since she grew up in Virginia, and has conducted herself like she's attending a cotillion ball ever since.

And, at least judging from her rare posts on social media and everything that anyone else from Southern Charm has to say about Ms. Altschul, she's almost exactly the same when the cameras are both on and off, down to the same camera-ready hair and makeup. She doesn't hesitate to speak her mind, she's old-fashioned (though that whole all-male dinner party thing was just odd...), and she's serious about having good taste.

In the past, Altschul was known as an art collector and married to a billionaire Arthur Altschul, but she hasn't worked in a long time. Instead, she's made a lifestyle out of leisure, renovating and decorating her homes and being Charleston's most beloved TV star. And a lot of what she does in the offseason will sound very similar to what she does while the cameras are rolling.

She's An Excellent Hostess

All over her Twitter, there are retweets from people proclaiming that Patricia's onscreen and offscreen dinner parties are the greatest of all time. The New York Post even did a whole article about Patricia's recommendations on throwing the perfect Kentucky Derby party.

She Treats Herself

Those See's Candies samplers are literally irresistible: The perfect gift to give yourself on Valentine's Day is sitting on one of your many resplendent couches and enjoying the entire box.

She Spoils Her Baby Dogs

These dogs get more affection than Whitney half the time. And they definitely are better represented on Patricia's Instagram.

She Appreciates A Good Drink

That's not just for the show. She wouldn't stop taking her "medicine" just because the cameras stopped rolling. The lady loves to drink and I love her for it! Just try to find a picture of her sans martini.

She Hangs Out With Horses

Note that that horse has its mane braided in a lose weave pattern that perfectly complements Patricia's look. Even horses get dressed up to hang out with her!

She Color Matches Her Decor

When attending her Kentucky Derby party, Patricia managed to coordinate her flowy summer dress to the surrounding room decor for the perfect photo op and chance to greet her guests.

She Promotes The Current Season Of Southern Charm

Patricia seems to love having Bravo's cameras around, and constantly tags her own posts with "Southern Charm" of "BravoTV," to make sure people see what might end up on the next season of the show.

So basically, she's a Southern dream 24/7. Like you expected anything less.