Kanye & North Shoot 'Only One' Video On 'KUWTK'

After I watched the preview for this Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, I predicted my heart would explode while I watched Kanye West shoot his music video for “Only One” with daughter North. I can barely handle the music video (it's too sweet for words, and anyone who says otherwise can see themselves right on out), so I assumed there was no way I could handle the behind the scenes footage. Alas, I soldiered on. Alas, I barely survived Sunday night’s KUWTK. And yes, it was the “Only One” behind the scenes footage that nearly did me in. And yes, all of it was beautiful.

While I watched said behind the scenes footage, I felt as though I was living the life of Riley. (Shoutout to Bruce for teaching me the idiom "life of Riley.") I wouldn't have been mad if the entire episode was a making the video special. (Side note: I miss MTV's Making the Video so. Freakin'. Much.)

You remember the Spike Jonze-directed music video for “Only One”, yes? The music video that Spike Jonze, as Kim pointed out more than once in Sunday's ep, shot on an iPhone? If the video is fresh news to you, welcome to the fold. I’m so happy you’ve decided to read this, if only because it might mean you’ll watch “Only One” and have yourself a good cry. Everyone could use a good cry now and again, yes? Yes.

Why exactly did the BTS footage tug at my heartstrings? For starters, my heart could not handle any time North and Kanye adorably trudged through the mud in their boots:


My heart could not handle Spike Jonze's adorable rain hat:


And my heart could not handle Kim's beaming:

Kim looked so happy while she watched her daughter and husband (totes understandable), and watching her react to her daughter and husband made me so happy. I AM A SAP, OK?

Ready to weep? Here you go:

"Waahhhhhhh, wahhhhh, my only one" — me singing/crying along with "Only One". Please excuse my tears.

Images: E! (3)